Fully-fledged Southern Gas Corridor by 2020: European Gas Race between Iran and Turkmenistan

Iran, together with Turkmenistan, possesses almost 28% of the world’s total proven natural gas reserves. When the imminent lifting of Western sanctions takes place,...

Filling levels of Natural Gas Storage

German gas storages switched into withdrawal mode on the 6th of November and remained in this mode for the rest of the month. The...

Ukraine’s last chance to prevent Nord Stream 2

Ukraine is running out of time to provide western gas consumers with the necessary trust to abandon the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project.   Nord...

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Gas Transmission Tariffs

Economic assessment on behalf of Fluxys TENP, Gascade, GRTGaz Deutschland, and Open Grid Europe. Author : Frontier Economics

Gas Flexibility & Storage

Why Gas Flexibility Is High on the Agenda for Russia and Europe? Author : Vitaly Yermakov, OIES

The Danish Biogas Experience

According to the author, Denmark has the potential to replace natural gas completely by 2050. Author : Morten Johansen