From Methane to Hydrogen: New Solutions for Decarbonising Europe’s Energy System

Methane to hydrogen


What role can hydrogen and the gas grid play in a decarbonised energy system? At this press briefing, the gas industry will provide answers to these questions and outline the potential of hydrogen for the European energy future. The briefing is hosted by the German gas initiative Zukunft ERDGAS. At the event, the leading energy consultancy Pöyry will present the results of their latest study “Hydrogen from natural gas – the key to deep decarbonisation”. The briefing will also outline the potential of different hydrogen production technologies such as power-to-gas and include a presentation by Prof. Alberto Abánades Velasco from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid on methane pyrolysis – a novel technology to cost-efficiently produce carbon-neutral hydrogen from natural gas.

Event agenda and details HERE

Date(s) - 21/06/2019