Russian Strategy on Infrastructure and Gas Flows to Europe

    Reports and presentations on the European Gas Market
    European Gas Hub Analysis
    Published 07/16/2012 by Manfred Hafner , FEEM

    The major Russian strategic goals in the sphere of energy export is to guarantee security of energy flows to solvent customers in order to assure the needed cash flows to the Russian economy, but due to the importance of energy in the region’s economies, politics and economics become often intertwined.

    In order to reach its above mentioned strategic goals, Russia aims at:

    – getting operational control over transit routes, or
    – diversifying export infrastructure (not just for gas, but also for oil), and
    – minimizing the role of transit countries

    National control over the gas transportation assets became an essential part of sovereignty development in the new CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries. Control over the Gas Transmission System (GTS) was regarded as a part of national identity and a symbol of independence from Russia. Having understood that there is no way to get control over these assets, Russ ia decided to develop new pipeline routes thus by passing transit countries.

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