Israel’s Energy Potential: Securing the Future

Reports and presentations on the European Gas Market
European Gas Hub Analysis
Published 11/29/2016 by Michael Hochberg

Key Points
♦♦ From 2004 to 2010, natural gas use as a fuel source in the country grew from almost non-existent to 40 percent of electricity generation
♦♦ Israel is projected to earn $20 billion from gas royalties and taxes by 2026, according to Noble Energy
♦♦ Israeli civil society lobbying for tighter gas sector regulations has resulted in significant changes to ensure that more revenue goes to the state, and that the nation’s natural gas sector enjoys more competition
♦♦ Jordan, Egypt, and Turkey are the most probable candidates to receive Israel’s first gas exports, but anti-Israel public sentiment will be a major obstacle for future energy deals
♦♦ The speed of verdict in resolving the stability clause issue, one of Israel’s most consequential regulatory challenges of the last decade, represents a major win for Israel in terms of boosting investor confidence and paving the way for future gas exploration off Israel’s shores

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