Completing Europe: Gas Interconnections in Central and Southeastern Europe

Reports and presentations on the European Gas Market
European Gas Hub Analysis
Published 08/29/2016 by John Roberts

European gas development is in a strange flux: There are increasing prospects that consumers will benefit as the market enters a low price era amidst competition between Russian, Norwegian, and US liquefied natural gas (LNG)—and a continuing need for upgraded infrastructure to ensure that the benefits of such competition reach all sectors of the continent and that this infrastructure is also capable of coping with a crisis should major pipeline imports from Russia or Norway be cut off. 


This paper addresses these key points, with particular stress on the need to implement an effective distribution system within the member states of the European Union and the Energy Community that would enable gas to flow freely between LNG terminals on the Baltic, Adriatic, and Aegean Seas and import points on and around the Black Sea.

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