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Gas Market Report 2017

European import requirement grows steadily with flat demand and declining production. It is up to competition between pipeline and LNG to fill this gap

Global gas market outlook

The natural gas market is at an inflection point: what will it take for growth forecasts to be achieved going forwards?

Searching for Natural Gas Demand in the Next Decade

The authors examine gas demand outlook in various regions of the world, and attempt to address the question on whether, when, where and, eventually, at what price there will be sufficient demand to absorb the coming LNG wave.

Moving gas from LNG into Energy Community gas markets

18 LNG cargoes available on the water every day in 2020 as we transition to a more liquid LNG market. The “Big 4” will produce more than 50% of traded natural gas by the end of 2020.

Impact of the 550 EPS in European power and capacity markets

This study authors argue that a European Commission proposal aimed at capping fossil fuel subsidies across the EU could have perverse effects by promoting investments in new gas-fired power plants instead of renewable energies.

Impact of Nord Stream 2 on the EU natural gas market

This study looks at on the impacts of the offshore pipeline Nord Stream 2 on European Union (EU) natural gas markets (gas flows and gas prices).

Gazprom against US LNG and EU Commission

According to the author Gazprom is able to credibly sustain a long price war, if necessary. US LNG puts a cap on Gazprom prices. It's Gazprom versus LNG not Gazprom versus US LNG.

European Gas Markets: Key Trends

This presentation, an update on key trends in European gas markets, was given by Thierry Bros during a Gazprom investor trip.

Whatever happened to the Golden Age of gas?

New markets for natural gas face new medium and long-term challenges through capital investments in long-term infrastructure which creates a risk of displacing lower carbon options and prolonging higher emitting facilities.

GECF Global Gas Outlook to 2040

Report looks at future gas supply by type and cost, energy demand forecasting modules, and the pipeline and LNG infrastructure that link demand and supply.