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The Norwegian Shelf in 2016

Sales of Norwegian natural gas in 2016 were 9% higher than projected at the same time last year. This is, among other factors, due to continued high demand for gas from Europe.

European Gas Market Share: Conflict or Opportunity

Will the Competition for European Market Share Lead to a Price War? How long will the new pricing last? Assessing oil price scenario vs. gas price scenario. Understanding the impact of LNG imports on European gas pricing dynamics.

Energy Transition in the Power Sector in Europe: State of Affairs in 2016

Gas replaced coal, and hence European power sector emissions fell drastically by 4.5 %. European coal generation fell by 94 TWh and gas generation increased by 101 TWh, resulting in 48 Mt less CO2 emitted.

BP Energy Outlook 2017 edition

The energy mix is shifting but natural gas is expected to grow faster than oil or coal, helped by the rapid growth of liquefied natural gas increasing the accessibility of gas across the globe.

Future Gas Demand and Supply in Europe - Market Decision or Politics?

Europe should assess the role of transit countries and their bargaining power vis-à-vis supplier countries in a more critical and risk-aware way.

The Importance of East Mediterranean's Hydrocarbon Resources: Export Options and Challenges

In the Levantine Basin alone (read Israel-Cyprus) proven reserves amount to 0.75 tcm and together with contingent stand at 3.5 tcm- on par with the much touted Caspian gas reserves.

Can the European Gas Market Absorb Additional Gas Volumes? How? How much? Where?

The energy industry is facing a significant worldwide oversupply of natural gas. It is expected that the oversupply of gas will be the dominant situation also for the years to come and will be a key market driver for gas industry players.

The Uncertain Future of Energy

Charting a new energy future will require unprecedented levels of investment, and it is a global challenge. Countries must figure out the most impactful measure of capital investment given desired goals, and 'scale' is paramount.

Driving Demand & Securing Supply in the European Gas Market

Falling coal prices and CO2 prices led to a decline of 65 bcm in gas-to-power demand between 2010 and 2014. Moderate decline in industry consumption as GDP growth stagnates after 2009 crisis contractions
 Limited population growth and energy effici

Performance of European Wholesale Gas Markets

Short recap of market fundamentals. Foundations for a functioning gas market. Pivotal role of gas hubs. Integration of markets.