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Welcome to Ignite ETRM (formerly CarbonTrade), a leading provider of natural gas and crude oil energy trading and risk management (ETRM) software and services where we are Fueling the Power to Trade ®.


Based in Fort Worth, Texas, with offices in Dallas and London, Ignite ETRM is an energy software company specializing in natural gas and crude oil energy trading and risk management (ETRM) software and services for small to medium-sized oil & gas or energy marketing businesses.


Staffed by experts with years of dedicated, industry-specific experience and software and services expertise, Ignite ETRM delivers innovative solutions that provide greater insight and control across natural gas and related energy commodities. By mixing talents of creativity, design, unparalleled problem-solving skills and years of industry experience, Ignite ETRM can assist your company with establishing and maintaining a robust, reliable, flexible, and fully-integrated marketing infrastructure that's sculpted to fit your unique transactional marketing and business needs.


Our flagship natural gas, crude oil and energy trading software suite is an essential element in risk management, transactional strategies and administration pertaining to natural gas and crude oil trading. Built upon the latest frameworks available, our system provides your company with a complete set of front, middle and back office solutions to increase efficiency and effectiveness while realizing a fast return on your investment.

WHY US?    

With a corporate emphasis centered on functionality and effectiveness, Ignite ETRM is determined to provide your company with solutions that are focused, strategic...and inspired. By utilizing the newest technological trends and encompassing an unprecedented enthusiasm to create a customized marketing presence based on the distinct needs of your organization, Ignite ETRM can take your company to a level that will make your marketing operations more professional, flexible, capable and efficient, all while providing the proper legal documentation for your marketing transactions and regulatory commitments.

With a wealth of ideas, experience and knowledge to enthusiastically implement them, Ignite ETRM is committed to assist with all of your ETRM needs.  Please click on the following hyperlinks to learn more about Ignite ETRMthe solutions that we offer andwhat we can do for you and again, Welcome to Ignite ETRM - it's better here.